Have you ever wondered what it takes to educate your child with special needs in their neighborhood school?

In Opening Doors, Opening Lives: Creating awareness of advocacy, inclusion, and education for our children with special needs, Jennifer Greening tells the story of her personal experiences related to getting her daughter, Marissa, integrated into the general education system.

Written in a style that is gentle and friendly, Opening Doors, Opening Lives contains information that parents of children with special needs can use for their own child's educational journey.

Opening Doors, Opening Lives
Consultation with Jennifer Greening

What people are saying about Opening Doors, Opening Lives...

"Opening Doors, Opening Lives provides inspiration and support for parents who want their child with disabilities placed in their neighborhood school. It can help educators gain insights into working with families and children with special needs in their classrooms and schools. The tips at the end of each chapter speak to anyone who wants to understand and interact with a child with disabilities as well as those who care for them. I recommend this book to anyone who cares about how all our children are educated."

—Sharon Schwille, Ph.D.
Teacher Preparation Program Coordinator
Michigan State University